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AJB Silk Quilts.

Talks, Workshops and Demonstrations

Alison's talk and workshop - March 2005.
Alison Bramley gave a very interesting talk on the Friday evening. Her quilts were many and varied using the method of frayed cut back appliqué worked out by herself. Some of her quilts have won awards and others are featured in books. They were all very inspiring and we couldn’t wait for the day course on Saturday when we could have a go!

Click here to read the revue and see some pictures taken during the sessions.

I have three talks:
  • ‘Frazzled and Dazzled’Frazzled because I get frazzled whilst making the quilts, and Dazzled because I hope that they dazzle you when you see them.
  • ‘My Quilt Journey’
  • ‘Against All Odds’
My talks last about an hour and in that time I show my quilts, tell you about each one in turn. You may ask me questions as I go along.

I can also bring pictures on a CD if you wish though, where possible, it is best to see the real thing – a combination of the two would be ideal.

I give talks to Quilters’ and Embroiders’ Guilds and also smaller groups of embroiders and quilters.

I charge £95 for the talk plus petrol or train fare.

Revues so far have been favourable and I enjoy people’s enthusiasm – I like to show people the joys of working in silk.

I do workshops on the following:
  • The small elephant
  • The small giraffe
  • The small camel
  • The stained glass window peacock feathers
  • The leaves
  • The celtic alphabet
  • Abstract Squares
  • Butterflies and Flowers
Cost of the one-day workshop 10am–4pm is £140 plus petrol or train fare.
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